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Below are numerous testimonials from some of Nancy's current and former students.

"My daughter Marianne is 8 years old and in grade 3. We landed in PEI in August of 2019 from China. She has been Nancy’s student for 8 months since her language was below grade level. Now, she almost catches the local classmates at an amazing speed.


This is just what I expect as a parent, passing the EAL class as soon as possible, and then she can attend normal class without absence due to learning language as a foreign student. I have to say the classes are very inspiring and it is beyond my imagination of language class, because my daughter is learning how to think at the same time.


Nancy is good at developing various channels for arousing different kids’ internal motivation. She always leads an effective, prompt and sufficient communication with parents which also helps a lot! We are lucky to have Nancy teaching our children."

- Yan Wang

"My experience from two and a half years of working with Mrs. Wight is as follows. From the past years, we didn’t have many fights. If you just do what she asks, it’s not TOO crazy. It will be ok. I personally love to do LONG writings, and most of the time I can’t complete them in time. However, she always gave me more time to do them. And sometimes if one of my EAL classmates forgot his/her pencil, she would lend one to him/her, or even give it to her/him in some cases (mostly I never forget my pencil). She is an amazing teacher!"

- Thomas Wang (Grade 6)

"I have had the pleasure of being a student of Nancy’s when she was the key instructor of our online 'Newcomer Empowerment' program during April-May 2020 in PEI. She is very helpful. Her ability to connect with students at all ages and races and her talent at teaching language to newcomers are truly superior. She gathered feedback from participants after each week and took them into account to have new initiatives and improvement for the next section. Nancy has helped us tremendously in improving our language skills in both daily life and work environment after the program."

- Lan Anh (Anne) Tran

"I was Nancy's student 7 years ago. First of all, meeting her was one of the best things that happened to me while I was in Canada. She was an excellent English teacher, the best ever! I used to love her classes and the way that she taught, using different kinds of exercises and tools to improve my speaking, listening, comprehension and even my social environment. I realized a big difference in how my English was before and after her. I have since studied to become a neonatal nurse. I'll be grateful for the rest of my life for meeting Nancy and for learning the best English!"

- Jaci Alves, Brazil 

Jaci Alves, a former student of Nancy's from Brazil.

"I’m April, a six grader who is learning English. Nancy Wight was my EAL teacher for two

years. She is a kind lady, Ms.Wight taught me a lot. I was one of her favourite students. She

always shares her feelings with us. I always feel so lucky to have such a great teacher during

the two school years of learning. My sister likes Ms.Wight so much, Cici (my sister) often tells

me how many words she learned in EAL class. If I had any questions I would ask Ms. Wight."

- April Li

"A few years ago, when my son was only six years old, we migrated to Charlottetown, Canada. It was very hard on the whole family but especially on him. He did not know anyone, the language or the culture. Then I met Ms. Nancy White. She was very instrumental in helping my son adapt to his new country and learn the language and the culture. She worked very closely with him on a daily basis and was very patient with him. It was her compassion that helped him learn to love this country, its people and culture and be able to make friends. 


Her hard work with my son, and her friendship with me and my family allowed all of us to feel at home. She is a great teacher, a compassionate person and I am forever grateful for her."


- Negar Hajisaghati

"My name is Eh Hser Khu. I immigrated to Canada in 2008. I did not speak any English when I first came to Canada. By 2009, I went to Birchwood Intermediate School. While I went there I had to take EAL (English as an Additional Language). The teacher that taught me EAL was Nancy Wight.


She is a very enjoyable person and a very lovely personality. She always gives me her time when I need it. She had been very supportive to me and my family until now. She helps me learn about the culture and languages. Not many months after arriving in PEI, my family moved to Winnipeg. While I was there I still stayed in contact with Nancy Wight. I really enjoy being in Winnipeg for the first few weeks but then we found it too busy and not as safe as PEI. 


Seven or eight months later, my family moved back to Prince Edward Island. Ahead of our arrival, Nancy helped find us a big duplex for my large family and the furniture needed to fill our new home.  It was nice to be back. I am so thankful that I still have connections with Nancy since I moved back to PEI.


After many years I graduated from high school, became married, am a mother to a beautiful baby girl and became a Canadian citizen. I am proud to say that Prince Edward Island is my home."


- Eh Hser Khu

"Nancy has been an English and French teacher for both my son and daughter. Especially for my son that when we first came to Canada his EAL level was 1 and a year and half later he passed his EAL. My daughter also really enjoys her class. She said it’s fun and interesting. She also said she hopes that she can have lessons with Nancy everyday. Nancy is a fun and well-experienced teacher."

- Yuan Yuan

"Nancy is a long-time English teacher with 30 years of experience teaching non-native English speakers. I like Nancy and her class very much. Now I have started to learn French with Nancy. Over the past year or so, long English has made great progress, and this is achieved online. So, whether you are in Canada or in China, you can learn English or French with Nancy."

- Linda Yang

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