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Our Services

At the core of our business, we are language educators.


We help you improve upon your literacy and language skills, and also help you get to know and participate in your new community.

Below you will see our services and how we might be able to help you!

Personalized Language & Literacy Training

Language and Literacy Learning PE offers an approach unique to each student. There are many businesses out there offering "cookie cutter" online or in-person educational programs. This approach can invariably meet some general student needs, but it will never truly offer the unique educational planning that we endeavor to create for each of our students. We pride ourselves on delivering to each student their own individualized programming by using research-based methods, such as differentiated instruction and assessment.


Flexible Programming

Covid-19 has brought on many uncertainties that pose a challenging reality to our everyday lives. We are pleased to offer both in-person or online classes, or a combination of the two if the need arises.  As we have witnessed, we realize that school and work environments can change rapidly as there are still so many unknowns that lie before us. On top of this, families are busy!


We will remain fluid and flexible in our approach to your learning. We have the ability to shift modes of teaching, adapting along the way to meet true needs. We are student-centered and start each lesson where a student is, not where a textbook may indicate a start. Regardless of age or level of language ability, we will adapt teaching and learning in all areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This approach is informed through a consistent and meaningful assessment and evaluation process that ensures each student's needs are being met.

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